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With over 4,700 members across the state, Pennsylvania DECA prepares students for college and careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and business management. Through integrated classroom instruction, Pennsylvania DECA helps connect student learning from inside the classroom to the real world. Assisted by corporate partners, professional mentoring, and community service opportunities, Pennsylvania DECA prepares the next generation of students to become Academically Prepared, Community Oriented, Professionally Responsible, Experienced Leaders. With over 225,000 global members in all 50 states and five countries, DECA is a global network with infinite possibilities!

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Hear from members and advisors whose lives have been changed by Pennsylvania DECA!

I have met the most amazing people through DECA, especially those I had the honor to work with during my time as a state officer. I am positive of their future success, and I hope to make PA DECA proud by using the skills I’ve gained in the real world.

Amanda S., 2013-2014 State Officer

PA DECA helped me out a great deal in high school by getting me out of my comfort zone and trying many new things. I went from being a quiet, shy person to giving speeches with no problem. I became a leader who wanted to help my peers grow with me, which has helped me pursue management in college and as a career choice.

Kerstin R., 2013-2016 Greater Altoona CTC

Pennsylvania DECA has been a huge part of my life since freshman year of high school and I’m still benefiting from it now, after my freshman year of college. DECA has prepared me to face real world challenges and handle them with efficiency and professionalism. DECA has made me a more confident individual, as it provided me with so many opportunities to work on my public speaking and communication skills. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the country and meet other dedicated members with similar goals as me, creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

Paige D., 2016-2018 State Officer

I joined the Riverside DECA program my freshman year of high school because a girl I had a crush on joined. Little did I know that it would change my entire life. 4 years of DECA later I had (2) 1st place trophy’s from states. 3 years of competing at nationals. And served as a state office as the historian my senior year, as well as chapter president. (2010-2011). DECA was the most beneficial piece in my high school career. Learning to be a professional, work hard, work as a team, and most important chase a dream have been fundamental things that DECA has thought me that I use in my daily life. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today if not for PA DECA

Eric R., 2010-2011 State Officer

DECA gave me the soft skills to navigate not only college but also provided a foundation within my career. I learned the problem-solving and quick thinking skills that I still use everyday.

Victoria B., 2011-2013 State Officer

It’s hard to put into words the impact DECA has had on me. Through the organization and as a state officer, I able was able to meet people locally and across the country who all love DECA and were willing to grow their minds with new knowledge and skills just like me. This one love for DECA is what drives the organization. The members, officers, volunteers, and advisors who all come together and support each other is something I hold dearly to my heart and what I’ll miss the most about DECA.

Isha M., 2018-2019 Moravian Academy DECA, State Officer

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