Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania DECA will be conducting our State conference virtually. This page is meant to provide you the resources you need to prepare for and succeed in your online tests & role plays.


For the 2021 State Career Development Conference, the following changes have been made:

  • For health and safety concerns due to COVID-19, students in a team event may NOT record presentations in-person together, even if the students live in the same household.
  • For role play events, students will now be allowed 2 hours (instead of 60 minutes) to upload their completed role play.
  • For written/prepared events, students will not have a time limit for uploading their video. The video must, however, not exceed 15 minutes in length.
  • For written/prepared events, editing is allowed. For these events, students may use editing, embedded PowerPoints, or videos in their presentation. Additionally, students may take more than one attempt to record written event presentations.

Online Test Orientation

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Online Role Play Orientation

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Example Role Play Videos

(Note: these examples were conducted pre-COVID at an in-person conference. They are meant to give you an example of the format for a role play. However, your method of delivery will be different due to the nature of virtual competitions.)

Individual Series – Example 1

Individual Series – Example 2

Individual Series – Example 3

Team Decision Making – Example 1

Principles Event – Example 1