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No. Many factors can impact States placing, such as ties between participants and multiple section scoring procedures. Instead, the SCDC Dashboard gives you a view of all competitors at States to allow you to evaluate your scores against the average, 90th percentile, and ICDC qualifiers.

No. To protect the privacy of students, individual data is not shown and is instead shown in aggregate form.

The dashboard takes into account drops, no-shows, or disqualifications at States, and the results are adjusted accordingly to prevent a single entry from negatively affecting the mean.

Since the #1 question asked every year is “What score do I need to get to ICDC?”, we specifically created this dashboard to cater towards National-level events. Future iterations of this dashboard will include State-only competitive event information.

You should not use this dashboard to estimate your exact placement at States. As noted above, there are confounding factors that can impact States placement, and you cannot use this statistical snapshot to extrapolate the data for purposes of determining exact placement. Instead, this report is designed to give you a snapshot of States performance as-a-whole and provide metrics to base your performance off of.