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  • Proctor Agreement

  • Pennsylvania DECA is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in our organization. To ensure that the proper procedures are followed, and the online testing portion of our competitive events program is administered to these high standards, each chapter is required to return a signed copy of this form demonstrating their compliance. Only a chapter advisor or school official can serve as a proctor for their chapter.

    As a proctor, you agree to maintain vigilant supervision of the exam room at all times during testing. Examinees are permitted to leave during the exam only to use the restroom, and only when absolutely necessary. Only one person is permitted to leave at a time. Candidates with diabetes or other eating/snacking schedule needs must be accommodated. The exam must be completed in one sitting and no more than 60 minutes will be allowed to complete the exam, except for students with disabilities who require appropriate accommodations. The proctor must move throughout the room during the exam and view the computer screens of all students on a regular basis to ensure that students have not opened any other program or internet browser window/tab other than the one directed to where they are taking their exam. Sitting at the front of the room for the duration of the exam is not sufficient for a proctor to fulfill their responsibilities.

    Proctors are responsible for distributing testing credentials to students during a chapter’s assigned test window. Proctors must clearly communicate the following guidelines and expectations for students:

    • All DECA online exams must be administered in a proctored environment on school grounds. A student may not, under any circumstances, take an exam un-proctored and/or away from school property. Taking exams at home is strictly prohibited.
    • Scratch paper is not needed, but it is permitted. If requested by a student, it may be supplied by the proctor. If scratch paper is issued, it must be supplied blank, and must be returned after the exam.
    • Prior to testing, students will be presented with the PA DECA Online Exam Agreement and will be required to accept its term before proceeding. A copy of this agreement is available at .
    • No conversation among participants is permitted. The proctor is not allowed to provide interpretation or explanation of any exam questions or answers. If an examinee feels that none, or more than one, of the given multiple-choice answers is correct, he or she must choose the answer that is most correct.
    • No outside study or other materials are allowed in the testing area. Students with disabilities will be allowed necessary aids. Students MAY NOT discuss any aspect of the exam with anyone in their own chapter or in any other chapter until the state-wide testing window has closed.
    • Students are only allowed to use the computer for the purposes of taking the exam and MAY NOT access any other program on the computer other than that needed for taking the exam and only for the purpose of taking the exam. The only browser window/tab that may be open during the exam is the one directed to .
    • Students may not in any way write down, type, text, message, screen capture, print, or otherwise retain testing questions or testing information and under no circumstances may a student share with another student, chapter, individual, or entity the subject matter or content of the exam. Cheating by any DECA student will result in their immediate disqualification from competition and will bar them from participation in any Pennsylvania DECA sponsored event for the remainder of the school year. Students are expected to abide by all aspects of the Pennsylvania DECA Student Code of Conduct.

    By signing below, I certify that the above standards will be maintained throughout the testing period and for all students who will participate in the online testing. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure proper administration of the DECA online exams. I have read and understand these responsibilities and will ensure compliance with all aspects of this form. I realize that the consequence of non-compliance to the individual test candidate is an invalid exam score and that if there is a breach of the integrity of the exams by a member of my chapter (e.g. test questions/content taken by one student and shared with other students/chapters, etc.) it could result in our chapter’s disqualification from DECA competition.

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